A regular client of ours, CRS has a wide variety of uses for video production internally and publicly, but this video is an example of one for their website, meant to entice potential clients of theirs to learn more about them and some events they put on.

We helped the museum share the news of an exciting funding announcement that will help lead them towards their new location and building for the famous national museum.

We regularly work with Michelle, a vlogger and content creator who works with brands to tell stories and engage audiences.

We work with the City of Kawartha Lakes to produce content for social media that is used to inform and entertain their citizens.
Sometimes a text based video is ideal for a social media video that you know lots of people will be scrolling to on their phones, and keeping them engaged without having to turn on the sound can be a great strategy.

We have won two national communications awards for our work with the PVNC School Board. We regularly work with them to highlight exciting things happening in their schools across the region.

For National Fishing Week, in collaboration with Impact Communications, we helped bring this inspiring commercial to life. Shot on Stoney Lake, with some very Canadian landscapes.

We produced this video for Wizard VR’s website as a banner video. A quick production, with impactful results.

This international competitor wanted to create a crowdfunding video to raise support for his travels.

A promotional video highlighting the philosophy and key moments of Child and Youth training, focused on "Daily Life Events."

Several videos for realtor Jessica Yates. A listing video example, and two highlight videos from customer appreciation events that she had.