Outsideinside is a small and new team of editors and creatives who have come together with a love for the craft of storytelling. We often collaborate with agencies, brands, creatives, and other production companies. We are in a bit of a transition right now, actually. We have been doing small scale production work, and we will continue to, but we are shifting towards more high-end work, and focusing our attention and infrastructure into post-production, while continuing to collaborate with our friends who are focused on shooting.

To us, Outsideinside translates to a fresh way of looking at things, both outside-the-box AND inside-the-box. Not to create any major disruptions, but to provide an opportunity to approach projects with a particular care within film and media.  We want to enable producers, artists, brands, or anyone to take any elements and make their best work.

We are big believers that the craft of editing and post-production is a major part of the storytelling process that often gets undervalued. We are passionate about putting care and attention put into post production, and that it is essential to top quality work. We are a fresh company just digging our heels in, but we have a mix of talented in-house and freelance editors, composers, colorists, designers, and visual effects artists, and we look forward to working together. Stop by for a visit anytime.